Enable task and report for empty subject - Default value set false

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Currently in the Software Factory the checkbox Enable task/report in empty subject is set to true. Personally I would like the default set to false. In most cases the task/report should not be available when there is not subject. The exception is the case in which you would like to enable the task instead of hide it.

It is important to keep in mind that this option is built as a replacement for having to disable these tasks through functionality in a context procedure.

The reason we turned the checkbox on by default, is because the behaviour then matches how this would work in a context procedure. In there, by default you also have access to the tasks, until you make them read-only yourself (by setting the “_type” parameter).

This concept does not work any different now that this option is available at the meta level. We wanted to prevent a default setting where people do not realise why their tasks have "suddenly" disappeared, without setting any checkbox. 

My question to @Arjan Sollie and the other 3 voters (@Mark Jongeling, @René W, @Erwin Ekkel): knowing these reasons, are you all still in favour of this wish? I would like to hear your opinions.



Yes I most definitely would like to see this default change. 

I agree with Arjan, the default should be the option you use the most. In most cases you don't want a table task to run with no row selected. 

I agree the default should be true

For me if a task has parameters I set the value to true. For tasks without parameters I set the value to false. 

Maybe somebody has a script to do this one time?

I agree that the default should be turned of. Especially since in the case that there are no records, the context_procedure for that subject is NOT executed and you cannot disable it in that way.

On top of this it shouldn't be a togglebox, but the tripple: enabled, disabled and hidden. Having the option to set a default (e.g. through Default settings) would be a bonus.

For my application the customer doesn't want to be bothered with a disabled task when it is not enabled.

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Hi everyone, I'd like to provide a status update on this idea. We received a lot of input, both via the Community and internally. Here's what we came up with! It will become available in the 2021.3 version of the Thinkwise Platform.

  • To disable reports when there is no data present on the screen, we have introduced the setting Enable for empty subject for Table reports. When the box is unchecked, reports will be disabled (read-only) when no data is available in the subject. This can save you quite some coding in a context procedure.
  • As for the default value of this checkbox, opinions were divided on what this should be. Some of you wanted the setting to be enabled by default so that the behavior corresponds to a context procedure. So, you would have to choose consciously to disable it. Other people wanted it disabled by default, because usually their tasks/reports should not be available when no data is present. 

    To meet everyone halfway, it is now possible to choose your own default value for table tasks and table reports on a project version level in the menu Project versions > Form.

    Note: adjusting this setting afterwards will not change the existing rows. It will only affect the default value for new rows.
  • Another request (a.i. by @Roy van Uffelen) was the availability of the option 'Hidden' for empty reports and tasks. For now, we chose not to do so. 

    When no data is present on the screen, the Windows and Web GUI disables buttons like Copy or Edit. To hide them, a layout procedure is required. We've applied the same concept for hiding tasks and reports in a context procedure. 
    As for the Universal GUI, tasks and reports are shown in an action bar. By only offering a formal setting to disable tasks and reports, we mean to avoid too much flickering in the action bar depending on the presence of data on the screen.

    After reading these considerations, do you think a Hidden option is still necessary? Then please submit your arguments for this in a separate Community idea.

As you can see, there were many factors to consider, which made the implementation of this idea somewhat challenging. In the end, I think we were able to create something that will suit everyone. Hopefully, you'll agree!

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