Enable screen for task/report parameters

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Currently there is no tab available which allows you to see all task and report parameters in a single grid. Sometimes you have to change name which is being used throughout your entire model. This means the change will also have to be implemented in all the tasks and reports. In that case you would to filter on all task and report parameters of this name. This is currently not possible and if made possible, will be of great help.

Is it possible to enable the detail tabs task parameters and report parameters within the full model screen?

Hi Arjan,

Have you checked the Advanced menu? This menu contains a group called Project management. Also see: https://docs.thinkwisesoftware.com/docs/sf/advanced.html#project-management

This menu group provides an overview of several subjects, like tables, columns, prefilters but also task parameters and report parameters. This overview is outside the context of projects and versions, so first filter on the desired project and project version.

These screens can be helpful to, for example, compare different versions of your application.



I was not familiar with this screen. For now it is a good work around. However I would still prefer these tabs also within the full model.

Glad you can continue for now. I will leave this wish open for the Full model.


I discussed this internally; we are also convinced that adding these tab pages to the Full model is an improvement to our suite.

The following tab pages have been added to the Full model in the SF 2021.1 version:

  • Task parameters
  • Report parameters
  • Subroutine parameters
  • Process variables


They are placed directly behind their parent tabs:


Hope to have informed you enough,


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