Determining Indicium login page layout dynamically

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Some clients use different webpages for different situations, for example situations where there's a separate page for a specific symposium in a specific year and another page for the same event but a year later. In these situations it would be very beneficial if they could set up the look and feel of that page in one Indicium i.e. determining the background of the page dynamically based on the source of the request.

In the current situation it is possible to do this by setting up multiple Indiciums (Indicia?) next to eachother and editing the logo.jpg and background.jpg files with the specific images for the specific situation and editing the styles.css file to use that specific logo and/or background image.

However, this results in the client having to manage multiple instances of Indicium, which is not the preferred situation.

Perhaps this also relates to the idea posted by Jaap van Beusekom (linked below), but I'm not 100% sure if that is the case. If so, feel free to link the two ideas :)


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