Control procedure multi selection set Ready for Review

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Currently the task to set a control procedure “Ready for review” is configured to show a popup per selected row.

Personally I find this not consistent with my development style. Most of the time you create/change a set of control procedures related to a requested change. All of these control procedures were changed for the same reason. Therefor I would like them to have the same changelog description. However currently I have to copy my description and keep pasting them in the Change log description field shown when executing the task. Sometimes this could be like over 40 template (for example I add a parameters to a procedure that is used at multiple locations throughout my system). In that case I have to press execute 40 times and copy this description 40 times.

It would make more sense to me that when you multi select a set of control procedure you only have to execute the "Ready for review” task just once time. The description that was given in the task popup should be stored at all of the selected control procedures.

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