Configure detail tab page group fallback

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Zooming in (double click) on a detail tab page can open a different screen type (zoom) than the detail screen type. The zoom screen type can have DetailTabPage containers with different detail groups than the original screen type. 

Screentype X (detail)
Grid, Form, DetailTabPage A
Screentype Y (zoom)
Grid, Form, DetailTabPage A, DetailTabPage B

In our case we have detail screens with horizontal (detail group A) and vertical details (detail group 😎. The vertical details should be hidden when the screen is in a ‘Detail’ screen type, but must be shown when the correct detail group is available in the ‘Zoom’ screen type.
At this moment all details with detail group B are placed under A.

We would like to make that fallback mechanism configurable to prevent details from DetailTabPage B to be placed in DetailTabPage A.

Possible solutions:

  1. Configurable per ‘Detail group’ in ‘Screen types’ screen.
  2. Configurable per reference in ‘Subjects’ screen.

The default behavior should be applied when 1 or 2 is not configured.


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