Configure detail tab page group fallback

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Zooming in (double click) on a detail tab page can open a different screen type (zoom) than the detail screen type. The zoom screen type can have DetailTabPage containers with different detail groups than the original screen type. 

Screentype X (detail)
Grid, Form, DetailTabPage A
Screentype Y (zoom)
Grid, Form, DetailTabPage A, DetailTabPage B

In our case we have detail screens with horizontal (detail group A) and vertical details (detail group 😎. The vertical details should be hidden when the screen is in a ‘Detail’ screen type, but must be shown when the correct detail group is available in the ‘Zoom’ screen type.
At this moment all details with detail group B are placed under A.

We would like to make that fallback mechanism configurable to prevent details from DetailTabPage B to be placed in DetailTabPage A.

Possible solutions:

  1. Configurable per ‘Detail group’ in ‘Screen types’ screen.
  2. Configurable per reference in ‘Subjects’ screen.

The default behavior should be applied when 1 or 2 is not configured.


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On the backlogPlanned

PlannedWorking on it!

PlannedWorking on it!

We are going to enable developers to configure which Detail tab container are available to be used as Fallback group.

This will allow details assigned to Tab page controls that do not exists in the screen type to be placed in the Detail tab set as Fallback group. The setting will also be mutable via the Screen type designer.

Working on it!Next release

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