Changing into edit mode by double click into the field

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  • 28 August 2019

While implementing a software for a customer and changing many editable fields a got an idea. For sure, I can change to the edit mode by clicking on the ‘change to edit mode’ button or by pressing ‘ctrl+e’. But wouldn’t it be great and intuitive to just double-click on a field which is not in edit mode and then it changes to edit mode? What do you think, is it a useful function?
Good morning Hauke,

Did you notice our "Default editmode" functionality of grid and form already?

Great idea to use double click b.t.w. when default editmode is not enabled on a subject for the form.


I think it's a great idea! @Erik Brink I think Hauke means to apply this within the SF, I'd like that very much. It would be a great addition to the developer experience.
Hi Erik,

thanks for your reply. I noticed the function already but thanks for this additional idea!



I would like this feature for sure, in Universal GUI!

Update, to be clear:

  • In List view I would actually like to see the same behavior as in the Windows GUI: double click to open Detail tab
  • In Form view I like this idea, so we can quickly edit a single field upon double click

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