Automatic refresh upon activating a document

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Currently the Software Factory offers several options to automatically refresh data on your screen, such as the following:

  1. You can set the auto refresh based on a specified time
  2. You can refresh it by implementing a processflow that upon activating a specific document the document is also refreshed

The first option is an option which is pretty simple to configure for multiple screens. The second option will cost you allot of time, if you need to set this up for several screens. I keep running into cases where I need to implement the second option for allot of screens. Therefor I would like to request a checkbox for the second feature on the table (variant), similar to the checkbox available for refresh option one.

So in summary, I would like a checkbox on table/variant level to automatically refresh the table when activating it as a document.

Great idea!

For now we can achieve this by using process flows:


@Mark Jongeling Correct. That is option 2 described in my topic. The downside to this, it is just to much work to set up for say 20 screens.

Untill this idea has been release you can you a dynamic model code I was able to set up Automatically refresh documents.

The automatic refresh of page's is vital when you use the option “hide open documents” in Universal. On mobile device you would often like to hide the open documents tab, due to the fact that it takes up a considerable amount of the available size on your screen. 

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