Alignment of Grid group label to Center

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Is it possible to align the group label in the grid to center? Currently by default it aligns left. I think it will be more user friendly and looks better (more logical) it it would align in the middle of the groups grid columns.

Any thoughts on this? 


Hi Blommetje,

Using the Alignment setting for domains you can do this for Grid columns:

Alignment setting in Domains

Does that answer your question?

Edit, Grid grouping looks to be centered in the Windows GUI:

Grid grouping in Model overview (Windows GUI)

In Universal, Grid grouping are not centered:


Hi Mark, 

Yes, it does, but i’m working in Universal. Assuming that this will be possible in future?


I'll take the honor to convert this to an idea. Currently the alignment for Grid group labels/headers cannot be configured.

@Blommetje, would you like the Grid group labels to be always centered like in the Windows GUI or want a setting to set the alignment to Left, Centered or Right?

Thanks for creating this idea! 
Ehh yeah…, configurable might be the nicest, however (for now) I’m only looking at centering. 



Idea opened for Centering Grid group labels in Universal