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SF and IAM dark mode

  • 14 March 2019
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I really like the dark mode in Microsoft's Office products, SQL Management Studio, the Universal GUI and macOS. Since major software vendors are integrating a dark mode, and because it's easy on the eyes in certain environments, I'd like to be able to launch the Software Factory and IAM with a dark mode too.

5 replies

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Yes please... All white is just too white. We are all using F.lux here to reduce all the whiteness a bit
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That would be awesome! Just installed the newest Windows 10 update on my personal laptop and turning on 'dark mode' was the first thing I did after the update.
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You got my vote! Great idea.
Great idea!
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The Universal GUI will support dark mode out of the box, so this will be possible as soon as the universal GUI is ready for the IAM and SF development. We just need to implement some tooling screens in React 😋.