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  • 25 August 2019
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There are quite a few sections that we don't need in SF. We are a smaller company and for the last couple years I have been the only SF user. The SF over time received new capabilities such as releasing control procedures for review. This means however I'd be reviewing my own code so I basically end up 'dumb' clicking through long lists just to get through validation. I used to do this in batches by changing certain task code in SF but I stopped doing that because every suite upgrade comes with changes in the SF data model.

Now with the new 2019.1 version it doesn't even seem possible anymore to ingnore validation messages when pushing a project to IAM. This means I have to go through these lists every single time we release a new version of our application. This makes a lot of sense in larger organizations but for us it's a bit of a burden rather than a helpful tool. Therefore I'd like to see some kind of setting in SF that can take things such as code review out of the equation, perhaps through some simple setting that says small/medium/large organization but with the ability to customize which parts of SF are actually active. Now we always have a fully active SF which is basically overkill at least for us.

5 replies

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Hi Roland,

In the current version of the Softare Factory, it is possible to disable the requirement of reviewing the Control Procedures. It can be found under Settings > configuration:

That way you no longer have to review code and the validations don't show up.

Does this solve your problem?
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Hello Kevin,

edit: never mind, it works. Somehow, I was expecting this feature to also set all currently "to review" code automatically to done.

Since I was also looking for this feature I've tried this in 2019.1.15. However, i still get the validation messages on control procedure in development. Should I create a bug for this, or am I doing something wrong?
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Hi Erwin,

The checkbox for 'Review required' only takes care of the validations regarding the review of finished control procedures.

It is advised to disable this, only after all the existing control procedure have been reviewed, otherwise they will still be set on 'To review'. This could be considered a bug/improvement.

The validations regarding 'Control procedure in development' are not changed. They still need to be marked as finished.
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Thanks a lot Kevin! That's indeed a great little checkbox there. With Erwin's comments in mind this will certainly make things easier. 👍
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There are quite a few sections that we don't need in SF

Any other features that you would like to be able to switch off?

It is already possible, by the way, to bypass validation messages when synchronizing to IAM. The only requirement is that you have actually validated the model.