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Run import data in background

  • 28 April 2019
  • 3 replies

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The ability to run a task in the background in an endproduct should also be available when importing or exporting data in the various GUI's.

I'm importing a table with postalcodes (no default or layout on the table, only a trigger for tracefiels) takes probably an hour for 50.000 rows I'm guessing after waiting for 10 minutes.

It would be a great addition when such a job could be placed in the background so the GUI can be used to perform other tasks.

3 replies

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Hi Henri,

This wish already exists on our backlog. Not planned yet.

Regards, Erik
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Ok, but then it would help if one could have some sort of insight in the (complete) backlog. I have a menu option in TCP, but it shows up a total of 0 things in the backlog. I hope there is more on the backlog than what I (or other non-Thinkwisers) can see....
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Would you like to create separate topic for that question? Sound like a good suggestion for Thinkwise to be more transparent to our Customers!


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