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Possibility to add relationship between work items

  • 24 April 2020
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At the moment it is not possible to link work items by a relationship. These relationships would make planning iterations easier and would add to maintaining overview of work items. Possible relationships could be:

  • blocks *
  • clones
  • duplicates
  • split
  • caused by
  • relates to *
  • solves

Relationships with an * would have the highest priority for us.

4 replies

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Just to add to the story: the possible relationships are more or less copied from the relationships that are possible in JIRA. Obviously the relationships works both ways. So you can have a relationship 'work 1 blocks work 2’ when you're looking at work 1. When looking at work 2 you would see 'work 2 is blocked by work 1’. The same goes for all types of relationships.

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Hi Marcel,

As you described them, they would be informational/administrative and would have no functional effect. Is this correct?

If this is the case, we can also make them them freely configurable with a name (as seen from a->b) and an optional counterpart name (when seen from b->a)

For instance :

  • blocks - is blocked by
  • duplicated by - is duplicate of
  • split into - split from
  • causes - caused by
  • relates to
  • solves - is solved by

You would be able to add and modify this list further yourself.

When adding a link between two items, you'd then be able to choose from all names and counterpart names and the link between the two items would be saved (a->b or b->a) on the selected name or counterpart name.

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Thanks for your reply! The function would be primarely informational indeed It would show the relationship between work. It helps the authors of work and the planners.

Your suggestion would absolutely be workable. Thinking along these lines, I would like it if you could then click on the linked work item to open it directly. It would be nice if extra attention could be given to the blocked relationships: you wouldn't want to add a work item to an iteration when the work item that is blocking it, is not done yet or in the same iteration.

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This feature has been implemented as described for the next version of the Thinkwise Platform.