Overview of hotfixes in Docs or TCP

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Could a page with an overview of all hotfixes be added to the documentation portal or TCP?

Now the only way to determine if hotfixes are all installed is to download the complete set from TCP and compare it with the records of the table hotfix.

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Even better, do not add it in TCP but in the SF. Only works as long as the SF has internet access, of course.

The 'management' menu group in the SF could get a new element, 'upgrades' or some such.

There you would find buttons to check for missing hotfixes and new SF versions. 'Would you like to install them now'?
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An overview of hotfixes can be found in the community, where you can also subscribe to be notified of new hotfixes. 

The idea of getting notified of hotfixes by the SF (or IAM) can be found here.