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  • 11 June 2019
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When syncing IAM from a development environment (which can be a different server/ different company (for example development at thinkwise)) the icons and reports locations are incorrect. You can either change them in the IAM script by search and replace or relink them in IAM. However, it would be very helpful if there was an OTAP for file locations.

How this would work:

  1. you can specify a folder for each of your OTAP environments
  2. when syncing there is a dropdown with 4 options to select which environment you are syncing
  3. file locations are amended according to the selected environment
This also opens possibilities for future improvements like:

  • variable Export locations
  • changing certain parts of the code depending on the environment (now most of the time this is done hardcoded with something like: if @@servername = 'production' begin.
  • disabling/enabling certain rights for a certain environment.

also if for some reason this is not feasible then a 'do not update file locations' button would be greatly appreciated. For those cases when you did not make any changes to icons, images or reports.

2 replies

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Hi Erwin, we are working on a feature to store all icons, reports and other files in the database instead of on disk, which would also solve this problem.
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In the upcoming 2020.2 release of the Software Factory, the icons, reports and other files are stores in the database.