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Making the 'Refresh model' task also get the latest project version

  • 22 August 2019
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Currently if I open the application (directly to the SF) it'll open with the given project version. In my case I put in 'null' so it will open the latest development version. When I do an upgrade in the Software Factory and then make a new project version, I have to close my application to open the same application again, just to change the project version of the application.

What I would like as developer is that when I press the 'Refresh model' task (only available to developers) that the GUI (application) will look if there's a newer development version available. Then if so, that it will give me a message saying if I would like to instead switch my application project version to the newer project version; a simple yes/no would do the trick.

That would mean I don't have to close my application anymore and it is always running the latest project version. It will ensure I'm never making changes in a wrong version because I didn't notice that the project version I'm working in (in the SF) is not the same version (in the application) I'm looking at.

Side note: When a new project version is made and the old one has been made 'Inactive', the GUI will actually freeze upon refreshing the model

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