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Look-up value in cube

  • 15 April 2019
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I'd like to see the look-up value of a table in a cube. For example when I want to show the employee, now I have to use employee_name, thats fine. But often I'd like to create a reference between the cube/view and employee, so I have to add employee_id too, now we have two columns what could be one if the cube supported look-up values.

3 replies

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I noticed this doesn’t work yet in 2019.2. Is this going to be implemented in the future?

Could we add an option to also sort rows and columns according to the lookup? Sorting alphabetically isn’t always preferred. I tend to resort to appending a number to the values that end up as column names. This even requires an additional column in the table with a sorting number because solutions such as row_number() in an expression don’t work (they result in all 1’s for an entire series).

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I support his idea, if this change does not have a significant negative influence on the performance of cubes with a large amount data.

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I recently had the same problem: vote = vote + 1