Support for System Data type - Hierarchyid

  • 16 September 2020
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I was trying to use the Microsoft SQL Server system data type Hierarchyid. This data type is extremely useful for data that contains some kind of hierarchy. For example multi level BOM structures. However, when I set up a domain as a DTTP my context couldn't handle it and later on the mobile GUI wouldn't even start since it couldn't handle this data type(said the error log). My question is if someone can confirm that this data type is not supported by the GUI's (Web, Windows and Mobile)? If so I will submit an idea with further explanation why I think this is a useful feature. 


See this link for more information about the data type: Hierachyid

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This datatype is indeed currently not supported by the GUI.

The hierarchyid is a type that does not have a direct mapping to any internal datatypes used by the technology of the GUI so a conversion must be made to a mappable type whenever this value is loaded into the memory of the GUi (e.g. to nvarchar(4000) and back to hierarchyid).

This would be the most basic type of support, the hierarchyid would simply be a textual value to the GUI.

Would this suffice or would any additional functional behavior also be desired? For instance, having the tree component use the hierarchyid as an alternative to parent/child mapping? Or using the hierarchyid to function as a self-reference for detail and look-up filtering?

At any rate, feel free to add a topic to ideation so we can discuss this further.