Problem using tsf_send_message in Universal GUI

  • 16 September 2020
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When using the Universal GUI, a tsf_send_message execution from a task shows the following message: "Stage task commit failed. Error: unknown_error_occurred”. When i use the same task in the Web GUI, it shows the message i'm expecting: “Invalid quantity, there are more quantities delivered then ordered".

The response headers contains the following data (decoded string of TSFMessages):

{"MessageType":"ApplicationDbMessage","RawMessage":"<msg id=\"purchase_order_line_not_deliverable_invalid_quantity\"></msg>","MessageID":null,"NamedParameters":null}

The "msg” element is sent with the right data. The returned status code is "500 Internal Server Error”. Any idea what causes this problem?

1 reply

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We recently released an Universal GUI in TCP which should resolve this problem. Please try version 1.3.1 of the GUI.

Does this version show the message as expected?


Regards, Erik