A multiline field without magnifier glass


I want to show a text field with 4 or 5 lines high, but without the Magnifier next to it. There is no relation on this field. 

Where can I turn this off? Or, how can I make a text field larger without using the domain control type 'Multiline’


Much appreciated! 



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Hey Alex,

You can make a field 4/5 rows high without magnifying glass by giving the field a domain without domain control. The domain could be for instance varchar(500)

(SF) - Field height in positions = 5

In Subjects you can set the Field height in positions for the specific field to your liking. The magnifying glass will not appear. It would only be there if the domain has the control 'Multiline’ for instance.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,
Mark Jongeling


Thanks. In the basis it's ok but how can i type and "enter” this way> 

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I'm not certain if this is possible. Maybe someone else can give you the answer. Feel free to submit the idea!

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Thanks. In the basis it's ok but how can i type and "enter” this way> 

You can use alt + enter instead of enter.


@René W I think this only works in Multiline. At least, it doesn't seem to work on my laptop. 

@Mark Jongeling Hmm, So far it's a no…


Anyone ? 


@René W  Alt-enter does work if domain setting is set to HTML. Not in Multiline. 


So far, no option for a normal enter/text editing field without the Magnifier. 


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The domain can be configured to omit the action button for the multiline control as following:



Thanks @Anne Buit , I think that is what I wanted. 

Alt-enter works as well this way. 


Problem solved!