Universal Development Update June 2020

  • 17 June 2020
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Universal Development Update June 2020
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Hello everyone, as you know we're in the Release Candidate phase. This means our main focus is on stability. This sprint we've worked very hard on making Universal ready for production and we've implemented a few popular features.

We'll keep you updated regularly about Universal's progress.

Universal version RC3.2

Like with every blog, we've released a version so you can test Universal out for yourself. Don't forget the documentation and be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Edge has been updated to use Chromium, which greatly changes the way it works under the hood. We now also recommend this browser to be used for Universal.
  • Universal must be deployed on the same server as Indicium or it should be an allowed origin in appsettings.json.
  • Universal only works with version 2019.1 and up of the Thinkwise Platform.
  • Furthermore, make sure you run all hotfixes on the IAM and SF that you plan to use for Universal.
  • Make sure you are on the latest version of Indicium Universal.

Download Universal version RC3.2 here

Tooltip in search

It would be nice to know which columns are including when you're searching in a document. We've made just that:

A tooltip shows in which columns you're searching

The title will be translated via a meta hotfix as usual.

Unit tests

In the past three weeks we've added another 28 unit test cases to the components and inner workings of Universal. This brings us up to 1510 test cases in total.

Lots of minor fixes/tasks


  • Mandatory field errors are now reset so they no longer appear when adding a new record after cancelling when having errors
  • Universal now correctly recovers after report execution fails so you can keep working
  • The grid no longer erroneously removes the initial sorting when the sorting column isn't visible
  • Fixed a bug where no data would load and a spinner would remain visible because lookups weren't properly loaded
  • Details of the previous active record are no longer visible when adding a new record or filtering all records away
  • Nested details no longer come up unfiltered when opened directly (TCP issue 76202)
  • Fixed a bug where some details kept loading forever
  • The chart no longer crashes when encountering a calculated field
  • Tasks and reports now also execute correctly when not executed on a record
  • Fixed a bug where not all columns were visible in the grid in a lookup popup


  • Removed the clear icon for the suggestion control and made the dropdown icon consistent with other dropdown icons
  • The tooltip now only appears in the grid and form when the content actually is too large to fit
  • The width of form columns now listens to the Field width and Label width settings in the SF
  • Decreased the cell padding in the grid
  • The spinner no longer flickers with a scrollbar
  • The initial sorting when opening a lookup for the first time is now correct


  • Added support for 2020.2 breakpoints
  • Upgraded our coding language (Typescript)

What we'll be working on next sprint

In the upcoming sprint, we are fully committed to improving stability so that we can release a version that can be used safely in production environments. The goal is to ensure that all features that the Universal GUI now offers work flawlessly and that it can recover from any unexpected errors without becoming unstable. It also means we'll be working on the features that are essential for the production release like:

  • Improving the way errors are handled and presented to make it easier for the user to understand what went wrong
  • Providing a mechanism to find a record if it falls outside a filter after saving
  • Fixing the way dates and times are formatted
  • Making sure you can still continue if the screen changes due to a breakpoint when editing in a form
  • Performance improvements
  • Squashing a few more bugs

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Hi @Tim de Lang , if I’m not mistaken, you haven’t (yet) deployed this on the demosite of the previous post have you? Would be awesome tbh…


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Hi @Tim de Lang , if I’m not mistaken, you haven’t (yet) deployed this on the demosite of the previous post have you? Would be awesome tbh…


Hi @Ricky, you’re correct that this hasn’t been deployed yet. We’re working out an error in the demo, after which I’ll update it. I’ll send you a message once the new version is available :)