Task 'Connect to db' disabled on 'Execute source code' in SF 2023.1

  • 13 March 2023
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We are migrating to the new SF 2023.1 and i have some trouble in the Deployment → Creation section. I can go through all steps succesfully but in the ‘Execute source code’ section i do not see anything. All tasks are disabled.

The ‘Generate source code’ section runs succesfully and outputs code files. What am i missing here?



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2 replies


Thank you, that solve it!


Am indeed upgrading from 2022.1 version to 2023.1

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Hi Ling Wu,

Did you happen to Upgrade from version 2022.1 and skipped 2022.2? We are aware of an issue regarding this screen that occurs when skipping the 2022.2 release.

To solve this, you can run the following database query on your Software Factory database:

exec task_connect_to_db [model], [branch], 'default', 3, null

Replace [model] with your Model name, and [branch] with the Branch name.

The context procedure currently prevents you from clicking the task. Running the above query once will unlock it and keep it available for you.