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  • 8 February 2023
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im new to ThinkWise and following the university right now. In the section reports i'm stuck. I want to create a very simple demo with a word document which is generated after clicking a button in the Windows GUI. 

  • There is a report button above a grid. 
  • When clicking this button a word document is generated
  • The document should receive the columns of the selected row in the grid
  • In the word document some placeholders are set
  • these placeholders are replaced by the values received in generating the document

The ThinkWise documentation does not mention how placeholders are made within the word document and how to map them via the Software Factory.


Can anyone help me?


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Using Word documents as Report type is like the Documentation specifies, so that's not easy sadly. I recommend not opting for Word.


well, thanks for the advice, but the question was about how to use Word so I can compare the 4 options applicable to us. Crystal Reports (currently used), DevExpress, SSRS. I want to know if plain word documents are a good option. For this i need to use variables and parameters in the word doc. 

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Hi Ruud,

I don't advise using this method of reporting. The easiest way is by using DevExpress as from TCP you can download the DevExpress Report designer. The created reports can be exported to .docx as one of the available report actions in the Report configuration inside the Software Factory.

Report action

This will export the created Report, with values and such, to a Word document.


well the documentations seems a little complicated for this simple task. adn i cannot figure out in the docs what to do exactly

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Hi Ruud,

I have personally never exported a Report to a Word document, but I do know that DevExpress reports do support this quite easy. So preferably you should use DevExpress as Report type. From TCP you can download the DevExpress Report designer.

If you do really want to use Microsoft Word report type, you can take a peek at the Documentation on this subject here: