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Recently we realised that radio buttons are not actually mandatory (you can click the selected value to make it null). I understand this can be a nice feature on nullable fields, but our fields are actually set to mandatory and therefore should not be able to be set to null.
In order to work around this we are now creating extra code (defaults), while what we want is actually modelled already..
So what we want is that when a field is set to mandatory, the radio button applied to it should not be allowed to be set to null

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I agree, you'd expect this to work in the same way as checkboxes do. When not mandatory, they act like a tri-state checkbox (square means null). You've got my vote for having this work in the same way.
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This might be a bug, we'll look into this!
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This will be improved in the upcoming Windows GUI release 2020.2.12 next Tuesday. Once a value is chosen you will not be able anymore to deselect the selected one.

The Web GUI will be fixed later on.