Domain values and translations SF database

  • 8 May 2024
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Sometimes when I am working on a dynamic model for example, it is difficult to figure out which database value for a domain in the SF database translates to a particular translation in the GUI. For example, figuring out the database value in the table col for column 'calculated_field_type' when it is an expression or when it is a calculated column can be quite tedious. I usually then look for a column in the UI with the particular value I am looking for, and then query the database to find out what database value is associated with this. 

What is the easiest way to figure this out? Is there a data dictionary somewhere I can refer to?

1 reply

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Hello Bram,

Unfortunately there is no easy way to figure this out currently. It is possible to query the SF database to find out the values of elements, their elemnt_id as well as their database value but that is currently the only way to do it.

If you want, you could create an idea for this and we can look into it in the future 😊

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