Dynamic report sizing in DevExpress based on parameters.

  • 23 May 2023
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Can a DevExpress report size be dynamically created based on parameters?



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Hi Jaycee,

I'm not sure if anyone here knows the answer to that. You do have the ability to show/hide fields based on the data, so you could show a field as 100 pixels wide may the data be less than 10 characters and rather show another field if it exceeds that amount. 

I asked ChatGPT for this and it replied the following (I did not verify this answer):

ChatGPT said:

Yes, DevExpress reports can be dynamically created based on parameters. DevExpress provides a powerful reporting engine that allows you to design and generate reports programmatically, giving you the flexibility to adjust the report's layout, content, and size based on various parameters.

To dynamically adjust the report size, you can utilize the report's events and properties within your code. Here are some steps you can follow:

1. Design your report using the DevExpress Report Designer. Set up the initial layout and structure of your report.

2. Identify the parameters that will influence the size of the report. For example, you might have parameters like "PageOrientation" or "ReportType" that will affect the report's size.

3. In your code, handle the necessary events to dynamically adjust the report size based on the parameter values. For example, you can handle the report's `BeforePrint` event and modify the report's properties accordingly.

4. Access the report's properties, such as `PageWidth`, `PageHeight`, `Landscape`, or `Portrait`, and update them based on the parameter values. You can also modify other properties like margins, paper size, or scaling options to adjust the report size dynamically.

5. Rebuild and regenerate the report using the updated parameters and properties.

By implementing these steps, you can dynamically create DevExpress reports with varying sizes based on the parameters provided. Remember to consult the DevExpress documentation and API reference for detailed information on the available events, properties, and methods to customize your reports effectively.


Hope this helps!