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  • 26 February 2021
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We are often asked by companies whether we offer functionality for Workflow and/or Case Management. At the moment, there is no standard functionality for this in the Thinkwise Platform. In this topic you will find a Workflow Engine which can be used in (existing) Thinkwise applications.


In the video you will find all the steps needed to start using this module. The steps are

  1. Import the workflow in the Software Factory

  2. Upgrading an application to add workflow

  3. The architecture of the workflow

  4. Defining workflows

  5. Executing workflow tasks

  6. Monitoring workflows

  7. Configure notifications


Technical side notes

  1. This workflow module automatically generates process flows which might be used in the workflow execution tasks. Such a process flow might end with starting a certain task in your application. When in your application this task is defined as the start of an other process flow, this flow would not be started, because the Thinkwise Platform does not support linked process flows (yet). This workflow module solves this by copying your process flow into the process flow of the workflow. This works fine, except for one thing: Code for process procedures is not copied. This you have to do yourself.

  2. This workflow module is created voor SF version 2021.1


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