issue when print preview for DevExpress report in Web GUI

  • 20 June 2022
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Hi everyone,

I've made a DevExpress report and in SF Reports configured the settings as seen in print screen 1.
The "Print preview" action for DevExpress works fine in the Windows GUI.
But in Web GUI when I select the action "Print preview" (print screen 2) I get an error (print screen 3).
If I choose action "Export to PDF" it generated the report successfully and I can see the exported pdf with the correct data.
So the problem only occurs with the "Print preview" for DevExpress.


Note: In a process flow I've a Report type SSRS(Local) and a Report action Print preview. In Web GUI the Print preview doesn't throw an error and successfully shows the preview.


Do you guys have some ideas what could be the problem and how to fix it ?


print screen 1
print screen 2
print screen 3


4 replies

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Hi @tim , any update on this?

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Did you try the empty report, did it work or did you experience the same problem?


Yes I have another DevExpress report and also the same problem. I will try a report with only some labels and no Query dataset.

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Do you have any other devexpress reports in the application and do they have the same problem? If this is the only one could you try a static report and see if that works?