What happens with your ideas?

  • 12 August 2019
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What happens with your ideas?
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Your input is very valuable to us. That is why you can share your ideas for improving the Thinkwise Platform through the community. The more votes your idea gets, the more likely it is to be implemented.

Note that it is not only important to collect votes for your own ideas, but also to vote for ideas that you would like to see implemented from other users. This way, the best ideas emerge.

New ideas will be assessed by the Thinkwise product development team. Apart from the number of votes, we still have to take some matters into account like the complexity, the value it returns and whether it fits in our product strategy. The status of the idea is then adjusted to reflect our plans with the idea:

  • Under review - We need more time to review the feasibility and impact of the idea.
  • Needs feedback - We need your feedback to better understand the idea.
  • Open - The idea has been reviewed and is open for discussion and voting.
  • On the backlog - We have placed the idea on our backlog but don’t have a time frame yet.
  • Planned - The idea is planned for the near future. Keep an eye on it!
  • Working on it! - We have started working on the idea.
  • Next release - The idea is implemented and will become available in the next platform version.
  • Completed - The idea is implemented and available in the most recent platform version.
  • Closed - The idea is already implemented, an alternative solution is available or the idea has not received enough votes. We will indicate the specific reason.
  • Declined - We won’t be able to pick up the idea anytime soon. We will indicate the specific reason.
  • Duplicate - The idea is a duplicate of an already existing idea. We will merge the topics.

What happens with the ideas I have already submitted in the Thinkwise Community Platform?

The existing ideas in TCP are, of course, not ignored. These ideas are also on our backlog. For upvoting these ideas and to renew attention, feel free to submit them to the Community. To avoid double administration, we will then close these ideas in TCP.

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