Validation for invalid domain names

  • 8 August 2019

As a developer you have a lot of freedom when creating domains for your project.

You can choose any name you like. Herein lies a tricky situation however.

The developer can also create domains, with a name the same as default data types on the RDBMS, resulting in errors when deploying the model.

At the moment there are no default validations for these kind of easy mistakes, so rookie developers can create these invalid domains and don't know why they are not allowed.

To make the Software Factory as easy to use as can be, it would be beneficial to included these validations.
Hello Kevin,

There already is a validation called "Domain name is a reserved keyword".

As consequence it says "The domain cannot be correctly applied." As solution it says "Modify the domain name so that it no longer appears in the list of reserved keywords. The list of reserved keywords is given in the advanced menu under Master Data, Software and Programming Languages."

If the list of reserved keywords is incomplete in your opinion, can you name those keywords for me please?
Now that we are on the topic, might it be beneficial to put a grouping on the reserved keywords to make a distinction between (for SQL) reserved keywords, ODBC reserved keywords, future keywords... This would make it easier to determine whether the validation has to be followed or whether it can be approved
Hi Jeroen,

Most of the time new inexperienced Thinkwise developers try to create domains with a name the same as a pre-existing datatype on the database, like:

  • Int
  • Money
  • Date
  • Datetime
  • etc.

These don't show up in the validations.

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