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During development (especially during the user test) you sometimes have to make quick changes to functionality. However executing the code from the functionality - result screen will do a drop and create, messing up any rights set to the procedure. It would be very helpful if instead the code did a if exists alter , if not exists create. Since this is probably not wanted since some people use the result screen to edit their code I would also be happy if there was a second button (generate as alter procedure). This way any rights set to the object will remain intact. This would save a lot of time during user tests and would decrease the change of errors due to overwriting the current procedure. 

Our preference would be to use the CREATE OR ALTER statement, but that would mean that we only support SQL Server 2016 and higher. However, we will probably drop support for SQL Server 2014 later this year.

Regarding the object rights: this will no longer be a problem if the Indicium service tier is used for the Windows user interface, since all connections to the database are then made using the pool user.

Yes, create or replace / create or alter is the way to go!

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Hi all,

From the next version (2023.1) of the platform, SQL Server will utilize CREATE OR ALTER. This will keep rights on existing objects present. We'll also make use of similar functionality for DB2 and Oracle so we all benefit 😄