Runtime configuration switch between modal windows and modeless windows

  • 29 August 2019
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Could the GUI support modeless mode?

I get terribly frustrated at times by having to open multiple GUI's to an application, because a dialog is open in the first. I intend to keep that dialog open, but need to look up information in another screen to do side by side comparison, custom lookup or for a variety of reasons.

This goes for task/report dialogs, lookup popups and the behaviour of multi-window documents (how is it called, when a tab is dragged out of the main window of the GUI? I'd like it to behave as a separate window, being raised when asked to do so when indicated by me and to stay low when not called upon, instead of all related GUI windows coming to the front when only one of them was clicked)

For everyone who dotes on modal windows it could be the default, but I see no harm in a tiny switch in the runtime configuration that allows for 'modeless mode'.

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