Remove reference from model tickbox active by default

  • 8 November 2019
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When removing a reference from the data model you have the tickbox "Remove reference from model”. By default this tickbox is turned off. Would it not make more sense to have it active by default? Most times if you remove the reference from the design model you also want to remove it from the model it self. 

2 replies

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I disagree. 

Personally I use the "Delete" button a lot to hide unnecessary references, that obscure or distort my vision/data model, from my diagram. In this case I don't want to fully remove the reference but just hide it. I do think suddenly changing this will cause a lot of problems in development since all developers are accustomed to having to select the checkbox if they truly want to remove the reference.

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Hi Mark,

If they are unnecessary then why are they there? You can hide the references using the references tab so there is no need to use delete for this. Also using the references tab is much faster and can be done in 2 clicks instead of 3. I agree that changing functionality will confuse people already accustomed to working with SF. But i think to new users it would make more sense if delete actually deletes the reference, instead of hide it.