Possibility to link a task to a table multiple times

  • 4 June 2019
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Right now it is not possible to link a task to a table multiple times. I have a task which has to be added to a table multiple times filling the task parameters differently. It is possible to make 'Task variants' which is a great start, but it is not possible to link different task variants to the same table. This because the current primary key of tab_task is not allowing that. (and who knows about the GUI too...)

Right now i have 9 tasks with almost the same name, using the same control procedure templates, and linked to the same table. The only difference is the parameters are getting filled differently.

5 replies

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If it's the same task but with different settings could you not just add a popup to the task with a couple of check boxes? And then fill the parameters based on those settings. This would negate the necessity for having the same task multiple times.
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No that is not possible in this case.
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You have my vote.
For now (as a work around) you could make multiple 'dummy' tasks that either call you main task or are linked to your main task via a process flow.
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Hi Tom, because you are not the first who has submitted this idea, I will close this one and recommend that you vote here.