iOS Share extensions / Android Sharesheet for Mobile GUI

  • 20 September 2019
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Can this be achieved?

From here start a task... etc.

2 replies

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Hi Harm,


We currently don’t provide the feature to share or upload files with the Mobile user interface, but I like the idea for the Universal user interface. This should be possible for progressive web apps.

Just curious, what do you expect the Mobile GUI to do with these pictures?

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Hello Jasper,

I see many applications for processes such as:
- progress reporting in projects
- commissioning of equipment
- delivery of real estate
- damage reporting
- receipts, invoices

These are typical processes in which users want to easily link files on their mobile device to topics within the business application.

I do not only want to be able to share photos in this way, but also other types of files that users receive as attachments in e-mail and whatsapp messages or that have been scanned with applications such as Camscanner.