Extension to debug-screen: process flow deeplinking to code overview in SF

  • 4 September 2019
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The debug screen for the GUI has seen some improvements over the last few additions. Can I ask for more?

Can the objects in the debug screen be turned into hyperlinks that deep link to a relevant section of the SF? I realize that for that to work as an hyperlink, the SF has to run via the web or perhaps the universal GUI. Would a helper program (such as AutoHotkey) make it possible with the current SF in the windows GUI?

2 replies

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Hi Boudewijn,

Interesting idea, but like you mentioned we'll probably won't do this until the SF development environment is available through the Universal GUI.

In addition, it is probably more convenient to do this from the Location popup instead of the debug screen. The debug screen as we know it will be replaced by logging in Indicium (because that's where the queries are generated) while logging and debugging of, for example, requests in the Universal GUI is already possible using the integrated browser developer tools.
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I completely agree, with the location popup as well as the rationale behind the changes in the debugging functionality.