Thinkwise Software Factory Quick Start is live!

  • 30 April 2019
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Thinkwise Software Factory Quick Start is live!
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Yesterday the last videos of the "Thinkwise Software Factory Quick Start" (TSF QS) were delivered. This online Learning Plan (LP) offers (potential) customers the opportunity to become acquainted with the basic subjects of the SF.

After following this LP, experienced developers, with a prior knowledge of model driven development and programming, can start developing in the SF.

This fulfills an important wish of our potential customers, Independent Software Vendors and System Integrators, who would like to get a flying start with the SF in under 2 hours.

The QS is not a replacement for the complete “Thinkwise Software Factory Essentials” LP. The Essentials offers more theoretical backgrounds, tests, practical exercises and instructional videos to make customers familiar with the SF. A part of the Essentials is already available online, but when it is fully delivered, you will receive another blog about it.

For now, enjoy the Quick Start!

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