Software Factory Quick Start, Essentials or Advanced

  • 19 March 2019
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Software Factory Quick Start, Essentials or Advanced

Software Factory Quick Start, Essentials or Advanced

Which path will you follow?

You are an experienced developer and want to get started with the Software Factory within a day, or you are someone who wants to know all the ins and outs before you start? With Thinkwise there is training for every type of developer available.

The Thinkwise Academy offers the following three different Learning Plans for the Software factory:
1. Software Factory Quick Start
2. Software Factory Essentials
3. Software Factory Advanced

What is a Learning Plan?
A Learning Plan contains a set of courses that all together form a complete training. For example, Software Factory 2018.3 is a Learning Plan. When a new version of the Software Factory is released, it is likely that there will be a new Learning Plan, Software Factory 2019.1.

Also read the full blog by Frank Wijnhout about the design of the e-learning platform (

Software Factory Quick Start
The target group for the Software Factory Quick Start consists of experienced developers who want to get started with the elementary components in the SF after a single day of study. In this Learning Plan you learn all the parts that you need to know to get started with the Software Factory. You will find subjects as Data modeling, basic GUI Modeling and Functionality. However, subjects such as Requirements, Design, Testing, Variants, Screen types and many more are not covered.

Are you someone who wants to get acquainted with the Software Factory in a short period of time and want to evaluate if the Software Factory can offer added value in your company, this is a great starting point.

Software Factory Essentials
For the less experienced developer, the developer who is looking for more theoretical depth or the developer who wants to learn the complete basic of the Software Factory, there is the Software Factory Essentials. This Learning Plan not only covers all the components from the Quick Start, but you also get a broader theoretical framework about the different topics the Software Factory has to offer. Not only will you learn how to setup a Data Model in the Software Factory, but also what data modeling really is and how Thinkwise uses it to develop applications easier, faster and flawless. To test your knowledge there are theoretical test and practical exercises available per module.

In addition to this, more Software Factory topics are covered. Including, but not limited to, Requirements analysis, Design, Testing and a wide range of GUI modeling topics. The most advanced topics such as Subroutines, Variants and Dynamic Model are not covered in this Learning Plan. These topics will be covered in the Learning Plan: Software Factory Advanced.

Software Factory Essentials takes approximately two weeks to complete. Bare in mind that it is not about finishing this plan as fast as possible, but about grasping all possible knowledge about the Thinkwise Software Factory.

Software Factory Advanced
The final Learning Plan is Software Factory Advanced. The target group for this Learning Plan is the more experienced Software Factory developer who wants to maximize his Software Factory knowledge. This Learning Plan covers individual components that are labeled as 'more difficult' or 'more complex' and are not necessarily needed to build a basic application. Once you have them in your backpack, you have the opportunity to build more complex applications or construct more advanced solutions to create highly efficient and flawless applications.

When can you get started with these Learning Plans?
You will see that the Software Factory Essentials is already available. However, this is only a part of the entire Learning Plan. The full Learning Plan is scheduled for the end of June. Of course, we like to offer you the parts that are ready, so new topics will be release in the Software Factory Essentials as soon as they are ready.

The Software Factory Quick Start will be available at the end of April. Since this is the "light" version of the Software Factory Essentials, we will release it in its entirety in one go.

The Software Factory Advanced will be fully completed by the end of 2019. However, when a module is finished, it will be released immediately, just like the Software Factory Essentials.
The complete 2019 planning for all Learning Plans (including SQL and Intelligent Application Manager) is:

Software Factory
Quick Start
  • End of April
  • End of June
  • End of December

Intelligent Application Manager
  • End of September

Writing Queries
  • Released
Data manipulation
  • Released
Programming with Stored Procedures, Functions, and Triggers
  • Released
  • End of May

So keep your eyes on the E-Learning to spot new Software Factory topics every week and become a Thinkwise Super Hero.

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