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  • 19 March 2019
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May 2020 update

We moved the documentation repository to our Azure DevOps environment to better fit our development process. Unfortunately, Azure DevOps does not allow external users to fork repositories or create pull requests (yet). 

If you find something missing from the documentation or see errors in it, please submit a ticket in Thinkwise Community Portal. Thanks.


To make the Thinkwise documentation more of a community effort, we have moved its source code to a public GitHub repository. This way, anyone with a (free) GitHub account can easily propose changes or extensions to the documentation by forking the repo and submitting a Pull Request. This is how it works.

See an error or missing something?

Just press the Edit button, located next to the document's title. This will take you straight to the file in the Thinkwise Github documentation repository.





Fork the repository

Sign in and press the Edit button in the toolbar. If this is your first contribution, GitHub will automatically create a fork (copy) of the repository for you in your own GitHub account.





Don't want to fix it yourself? You can also submit an issue using the Issues tab page.





Edit the file




The documentation is written in Markdown and generated into a website using Docusaurus. You can find more info on the Markdown syntax here. Also check out the for some tips and guidelines.

When you're editing a file, you can preview the changes using the Preview changes tab.



Create a pull request

When you're done, fill out a description for the changes you have made and click the Propose file changes button to save the file.





Next, review the changes and click the Create pull request button to merge the changes into the Thinkwise master branch.









Your changes are reviewed

Of course, we will first review your changes before they become final. If we have any comments, you will be notified automatically. Once the pull request has been approved, the changes will instantly become available on the documentation website. Thanks for helping!







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